When in Rome…er California…

So you see we found this mushroom…in this tree…it looked like this mushroom from back home kind of and Justin heard from this guy he met, at the mine he went to last week, that we had a lot of edible mushrooms in the area and people go mushroom hunting to find them. So he looked this mushroom up on the internets, where all reliable information is found, and found a picture to match our mushroom in the tree. So this must be edible right? Well after careful inspection again yesterday of this mushroom we do believe it is Lion’s Mane an edible mushroom often found high up in Oak trees, which is where ours was…and it is considered to be a gourmet edible…oh what a find! So Justin harvested that mushroom yesterday and I looked up how to prepare it. He sautéed it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and we decided that if going to a Raiders game didn’t kill us a little mushroom wasn’t going to do it. It tasted like scallops, it was delicious! By the end of the day we had it on pizza and in a stir fry. Today I am making it in broccoli alfredo and then we are cooking the rest and freezing it. Justin doesn’t even like mushrooms and he loves Loin’s Mane although it might be the thrill of the hunt…either way he is eating them. It definitely makes me want to go hunting for more mushrooms, but maybe with someone who know what they are doing and has a bit more experience…I feel we may have gotten lucky with this one, it was easy to tell what it was…then again maybe it wasn’t edible and the poison takes a couple days to kick it…or I am completely tripping right now and typing a bunch of random letters that only make sense to me…oh man someone should come visit us and check on us soon!IMG_1395IMG_1394IMG_1397

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