So this is Work-Camping…

We arrived in Angels Camp on a Wednesday afternoon and met the owners of the RV park where we would be spending the next six months. They showed us around the 86 site resort, introduced us to Big Bird the parks pet Emu, and told us a little about what we were going to be doing as workcampers…we would be trading 3 days of work a week (a total of 24 hours) for a site, electricity, water, sewer, direct TV, wifi, and laundry. Justin would be working outside two days a week raking leaves, collecting garbage to take to the dump, collecting recyclables, or doing anything else outdoorsy that needed to be done and I would be working in the office one day a week checking people in, taking reservations, answering the phone…you get the idea. They mentioned they actually needed someone in the office a couple more days a week and asked if I was interested in a paid position, I was. They then gave us a week off so that we could explore the area, get to know our surroundings and get settled in. I know, we live a tough life.
California has been a beautiful sunny 70’s most everyday, except for the couple days it has rained…which is good because they are in a severe drought, so every bit of rain is good! We are on Route 49 in historic Gold Country and have a ton of small towns and state parks in the area that we want to explore…but doing that in a 28 foot RV has proved to be a challenge. As much as we love Rita, pulling her into a small town and trying to park her to have dinner is not always the easiest thing to do, Justin has gotten good at pretending Rita is just a large SUV but between gas mileage and squeezing into places we can’t, it is getting difficult and old. It’s funny, when we first met other fulltime RVers they asked what we were pulling and when we told them we didn’t have a car they either said, “You’ll have a car within six months.” or “It’s only a matter of time.” and they were right…we have only been on the road for 2 1/2 months and we cannot wait to get a vehicle! We did the research and are saving up money hopefully to buy something in the next couple weeks. So we can travel down Route 1 with ease not fear of death, and really enjoy everything California has to offer!
We started work a couple weeks ago and it honestly is one of the most stress free jobs ever. Everyone here is very nice and could not be more helpful and we are really enjoying getting to know all these new people. Our only complaint is the lack of wifi…aka…lack of connection to the other people in our life…we already had to get rid of the verizon hot spot we were so excited about because it was useless here and the wifi at the park is spotty, to say it nicely. I spend most of my days relaxed and planning our next excursion, and the owners said I will need to bring in projects to work on when it gets slow in the office over the winter months. I love this! Time to get crafty!DSC_0401 - Copy

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