Celebrating with Frozen Eggs

So we called into the hotline this morning and were thrilled to find out that we were in fact finally going to work today…at noon…which was kind of nice…really easing us into it. We had all morning to sleep in, eat breakfast, pack lunch and get ready for our first real day of work with the Sugar Beets. We decided to make some bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, something real special for our first day (we were going to save this breakfast for our rainy days but I am not sure we have enough bacon and eggs). Justin made the bacon and I prepped the toaster oven in the bedroom…we don’t have a lot of space…for the toast. Everything was set to make some eggs, sunny side up for dipping. We have been noticing that our fridge has been running cold but what we didn’t realize until Justin went to crack the eggs was that they were completely frozen. Now, you might ask, what do you do with frozen eggs, we couldn’t just throw them away…we needed those eggs for our celebration breakfast, for our hardy workday breakfast, our big day was ahead of us and we needed that protein for our strength! So we did what anyone would do if they didn’t have a car and only had those eggs…we pealed them. At this point we had six solid frozen eggs in a bowl soduh we put the bowl in a pot of water and warmed the water on the stove till the eggs thawed…genius right…we know. The yolks were kind of weird and not de-thawing at the rate as the rest so we scrambled them with some milk, cheese and that bacon that we cooked. And what do you know…seriously delicious. One of the best scrambles we’ve had. Oh and to top the whole thing off our neighbor came over as we were about to eat to let us know that work has been put on hold till tomorrow so our celebratory breakfast was all for nothing…an hour long prep for breakfast for nothing! Which worked out because we had a lot to clean up and I was ready for a nap, besides now we have all day to sit around and see if we get sick from frozen eggs!

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