Wandering Steps for Today

Sitting inside the depths of our luxurious 160 square feet of beach shack, we find that size does matter. Despite what we’ve read and the research conducted on this matter- the space provided by our new tenement on wheels proves more useful than originally anticipated. With the rain settling into our area, we found ourselves awaking to the drops on the freshly sealed rooftop. Propelled out of our warm bed, by the hopeful prospect of a productive day- we found ourselves excited. A quick check into the work hotline confirmed that the harvest would begin. Out the door I went with furry paws following close behind for a walk with purpose before breakfast. Upon arrival back from our early morning jaunt, our homestead was dismayed to hear that the harvest had been postponed due to inclement weather conditions. So to proceed from this point forward, we come back to the beginning where the space available becomes vital for our sanity.

Awake and changing gears into another day awaiting the coming of the sweet, seemingly elusive sugar beet- we find ourselves indulging in another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Feeling grateful for the fact that our roof shows no signs of leakage, we rejoice the comfort of our shelter from the elements. Today was the first day both Trisha and myself began to receive payment for our services regardless of whether or not we pick up a single beet. So our vocation on days off becomes the equivalent of  passing your time, and getting paid for it. We’re good at this job! After a nap, a bit of T.V. then the creation of this blog, we find ourselves at the end of another day on the happy road of destiny. Gratitude grows by each and every new experience that unfolds before us, we look forward to sharing innumerable moments in the present.

We invite each and everyone of you to find something that excites you, and indulge in it. Hold that something and foster your passion for it. Being part of the RV community shows us that regardless of your age or preconceptions of what is socially accepted as the path you must travel- the trail is always open to interpretation. We choose to wander while cherishing every step for what it is- another moment in the sunlight of the spirit. Every footstep connects us to those who walked before us, while intertwining the destinies of those yet to come. Find that path that winds, and trudge with those who bring a smile to your face and  joy to your heart.DSC_0288

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