image If it can go wrong it will….er it did….

So, after we spent one month completely gutting the insides of our “new” RV Rita (a 1994 Honorbuilt El Dorado) we took off a month and a half earlier than planned to do the Sugar Beet Harvest in Montana. A job we knew nothing about but decided to take because we heard it was a lot of money in a short time. Anywho, we left on our venture on Thursday, September 18, 2014 with high hopes, big ideas and a broken generator. We seemed to be doing fine by day 3 except when it rained. Then we had some issues water hated us and the leaks in the back and front of Rita were not forgiving…Justin was pretty depressed about it because he spent many an hour on the roof sealing it. The rain stopped we dried out and hoped it wouldn’t start again and were a day away from our destination…Sidney, Montana when all went down hill. We were at mile marker 312 on Rte 94 in North Dakota and had our first tire blow out…a scary experience…even more scary was trying to enjoy dinner on the side of the highway while waiting for the AAA guy to come. The next day going up a dirt road she started acting funny and an hour later we stalled out on an off ramp. After we got towed to, thank you God, Robin’s Service Station in Glendive, MT we found out we needed a fuel filter. Paul then asked if he could check our air filter and when he opened it up there was a dead mouse in it. The mouse actually made a home inside using insulation and tore up air filter…AND that wasn’t even the worst of it…they gave us a new spare and went to check the pressure in our tires and found they were warped and bubbling and all uneven. We decided it was probably best to replace all of our tires. When they took them off if they weren’t cracked and warped they had fix a flat in them or nails. Paul and Danny took great care of us and we were on our way in three and a half hours. Rita feels like a new RV and we are so completely grateful nothing happened during our first couple days on the road with a dead mouse filtering our air and six bubbling cracked tires. We made it to Sidney and sealed our roof and I am happy to report it has rained all day and we are not taking on any water….fingers crossed…photo(14)

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